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We get it. You looooove coffee. For, coffee isn’t just something you have; it’s a never-to-be-missed ritual that gives your mornings meaning. Smelling the beans, watching the coffee dripping, filling your cup, warming your hand – they’re as much a part of your coffee experience as taking that first sip of caffeinated goodness.

We use only 100% premium handpicked Arabica beans – beans that we proudly roasted right here in Canada, and brew using only filtered water. Plus, we’re happy to feature exclusive World Roast coffees – including single-origin coffees. And by world, we’re not talking just Seattle. We’re talking coffee-meccas like Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala and of course, Colombia – home of Miss Universe… Um, actually, never mind.

Plus, our very own, exclusive (and inclusive) blend is an exceptional (and phenomenal) blend of high-grown Central and South American coffees. And we brew it right here, in-house, day and night and at all hours. Find what’s fresh brewing at your 7-Eleven with our full premium coffee menu below.

We feature fresh coffee that you can have your way, without the line-ups or the unnecessary barista spelling your name incur incoro incorrectly. You simply come in, pour yourself a cup, then customize it the way you (and only you) want at our coffee bar. There’s over 750,000 different ways to customize your coffee at our coffee bar; all without those annoying price top-ups.

Colombian Coffee

Our Coffee Story

The RestorationCup

Helping restore your local community’s landscapes with each cup served.

For every RestorationCup we sell, we plant a plant at a local restoration site within your community. Here at 7-Eleven Canada, we are redefining the single serve coffee industry by directly connecting our consumption to local positive, community impact.

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It's Your Coffee

Have it Your way

  • Hot Chocolate

    Hot Chocolate

    Rich and smooth with optional mini marshmallows. And by optional, we mean load those on baby! Plus, keep an eye out for our feature flavours – as they’re every bit as decadent as they are delicious as they are dandy-wandy.

  • Kona Blend

    Kona Blend

    Bright, balanced, smooth. Grown and harvested on the slopes of Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii.

  • Iced Mocha

    Iced Mocha

    Real Coffee. Real Milk. Real Cool. Our new Iced Mocha is made with all natural ingredients including premium 100% Sumatra Coffee. Made for the true mocha lover, this new coffee is sure to impress. Cool off with one today.

  • Espresso


    From Espresso, Lattes, Cappuccinos to Americanos, our Bean-to-Cup espresso machines grind and brew each delicious cup of coffee just for you. These Swiss-made espresso machines use only use whole beans and fresh milk; bringing classic coffee making traditions together with ultra-modern technology, creating the ultimate espresso. You’re in complete control getting your coffee exactly how you want it. (In select stores only).

  • Iced French Vanilla Latte

    Iced French Vanilla Latte

    Cool things down with a 7-Eleven Iced French Vanilla Latte. Made with all natural ingredients, this iced latte offers a well-balanced smooth coffee flavour. Our new iced latte is a delicious blend of real, whole milk, 100% Sumatra coffee and real sugar; offering the right amount of sweetness. 

  • Vanilla Latte

    Vanilla Latte

    Kiss your worries goodbye with a creamy cup of Vanilla Latte. One sip and you’ll ask “what worries?”

  • Original Cappuccino

    Original Cappuccino

    Flavourful and full of texture, this classic always, and we do mean always, delivers.

  • True Dark Roast Blend

    True Dark Roast Blend

    Prefer a darker, bolder cup? Our new True Dark Roast coffee is a Blend of Central American, South American and exotic Indonesian coffee with a deep Dark Roast flavour, full body and finish, hints of Dark Chocolate. The characteristics of this Sumatran coffee are typically earthy and full bodied with light acid tones. The strong, smooth flavour of this coffee pairs well with chocolate, caramel, and is ideal with morning sweet rolls.

  • Exclusive Blend

    Exclusive Blend

    If you’re looking for a sweet, aromatic all-day coffee, try 7-Eleven’s exclusive blend of Arabica – featuring the best beans around. Our Exclusive Blend coffee is medium roast with a balanced flavour, medium body and mild acidity. A blend of different origins, including Colombia, Brazil and Central American coffees. Add a fresh baked goodie and you’ll be unstoppable. Truly.

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