So Good You Won't Believe it!

You like your chicken hand-battered and deep fried? Well, that’s fitting, because that’s exactly how we prepare it. And because you love your chicken as fresh and moist as can be, we prepare it fresh for you – hand-made in-store throughout the day. In fact, our recipe is so darn good, you won’t believe it. One bite and you’ll hunger for more.

We’re serious about chicken. Which is why we’ve been in the chicken business for 20 years. You may not know this, but our chickens are raised by Canadian farmers; and, like all chickens in Canada, they are raised with no added hormones or steroids. As far as chickens go, the ones we prepare are the top, um… dogs. In fact, when we asked our customers, two-thirds are willing to recommend our chicken to their friends and family.*

So, why not fly the coop and make 7-Eleven your next chicken destination? Explore our full menu below to find your favourite chicken menu items, made fresh for your watering mouth.

We’re now serving chicken in over 200 of our locations. Find a list of locations by Province and City or use our Store locator to find a Crispy Classic Chicken Location near you. Don’t have a location nearby? Hold tight, we’re continually adding our chicken to more stores.

Don’t take our word for it: Try it for yourself. You’ll love it. We guarantee it.

Mmmm, Chicken

Worth Crossing the Road For

  • 4-Buck Bundle

    4-Buck Bundle

    Try any of our 4, 4-buck bundles. Its a snack that feels like a meal – perfect for when hunger strikes and you’re on the go.

  • Crispy Classic Chicken Kebob

    Crispy Classic Chicken Kebob

    Popsicles, Marshmallows, Satay, Kebobs – stuff just tastes better when it’s served on a stick. These handmade, made-in-store, crispy, all-white meat chicken kebobs are sure to beat any hunger – snack time, meal time or any time. Made with 100% Canadian-raised chickens – that have no added hormones or steroids, like all chicken in Canada.

  • Crispy Classic Chicken Wedges

    Crispy Classic Chicken Wedges

    Yep, you read right, Crispy Classic Chicken Wedges. These hand breaded, made-in-store Russet potato wedges are the perfect sidekick to our crispy chicken, kebobs, pizza or, well, anything. They are also great on their own – they versatile like that. And believe us, they’re as tasty as they sound. Tastier, even.

  • Crispy Classic Chicken Wings

    Crispy Classic Chicken Wings

    Our Classic Crispy Chicken Wings are made from 100% Canadian-raised chickens – that have no added hormones or steroids, like all chicken in Canada. Get your nibble on.

  • Buck-Buck-Buckets


    Check out our take-home, share buckets available in 5 great meal combination options to feed your team. They are 100% Canadian chickens that are raised with no added hormones or steroids, like all chicken in Canada. Grab a few non-Facebook friends and start diggin’ in!

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*Disclaimer: The statistics in this sentence are drawn from the Fried Chicken Panel, conducted by Sentis Market Research Inc. June 2014. Individual tastes and preferences may vary.