We’re spilling the beans

We get it. You looooove coffee. For, coffee isn’t just something you have; it’s a never-to-be-missed ritual that gives your mornings meaning. Smelling the beans, watching the coffee dripping, filling your cup, warming your hand – they’re as much a part of your coffee experience as taking that first sip of caffeinated goodness.

We use only 100% premium handpicked Arabica beans – beans that we proudly roasted right here in Canada, and brew using only filtered water. Plus, we’re happy to feature exclusive World Roast coffees – including single-origin coffees. And by world, we’re not talking just Seattle. We’re talking coffee-meccas like Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala and of course, Colombia – home of Miss Universe… Um, actually, never mind.

Plus, our very own, exclusive (and inclusive) blend is an exceptional (and phenomenal) blend of high-grown Central and South American coffees. And we brew it right here, in-house, day and night and at all hours. Find what’s fresh brewing at your 7-Eleven with our full premium coffee menu below.

We feature fresh coffee that you can have your way, without the line-ups or the unnecessary barista spelling your name incur incoro incorrectly. You simply come in, pour yourself a cup, then customize it the way you (and only you) want at our coffee bar. There’s over 750,000 different ways to customize your coffee at our coffee bar; all without those annoying price top-ups.