Restoration Process

Planting a plant with each cup sold.

Learn more about the Fort McMurray Restoration Site, partners involved and plant species being planted with your direct impact of purchasing a coffee out of the Alberta RestorationCup.

Fort McMurray

In 2016 the Fort McMuray fire burned an approximate 590,000 hectares and went down in Canadian history as one of the largest wildfires the country has experienced.

Restoration Process

7-Eleven has partnered with local restoration organizations to plant a plant with each RestorationCup served. The program will run throughout November and is set to restore over 180,000 plants back to these pristine Boreal Forest landscapes.

Planting Program

All plant species planted through the Buy a Cup Grow a Plant program are native to the Fort McMurray and boreal forest region of northern Alberta. To learn more about the plant species being planted, see below.

Plant species