Restoration Process

Planting a plant with each cup sold.

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Vancouver Island

In British Columbia, there has been a significant outpouring of support to protect the old growth forests. Each year almost 200,000 hectares of old growth forest are cut. The government of British Columbia has established an Old Growth Strategy and have developed a Commission on Resources and Environment which has designed a sustainable land-use and restoration strategy. This program taps into the forest reclamation, habitat expansion and land restoration.

Fort McMurray Fire

The Fort McMurray Fire was one of the biggest in Canadian history, burning over 590,000 hectares or 1.5 million acres. The fire forced 88,000 people evacuate while burning down 2,400 residential structures. This project works with private land owners to restore and rebuild vital forest ecosystems throughout the community while enhancing watershed re-establishment.

Caribou Boreal Habitat

The Caribou Boreal Habitat project aims to re-establish vital vegetation for caribou population growth. Woodland caribou generally move short distances between adjacent areas of suitable habitat, but do not migrate long distances like the better-known barren-ground caribou. This project works with the Government of Saskatchewan to help restore vital meadows, forest and habitat reclamation for these endangered species.

Ontario Boreal Forest

The Ontario government has committed to planting 50 million trees by 2025 through plantings on over 4,000 private and public land spaces. Due to increased urbanization and climate change, the Ontario government launched the 50 Million Tree Initiative. By planting millions of trees and re-establishing vital meadow habitats, this restoration taps into growing their local carbon sequestrating network.

Plant species

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