7 is the magic number with our 7Rewards App. Buy 6 cups of your favourite coffee, soda, or Slurpee and receive the 7th free! On top of free 7-Eleven drinks, the App gives you access to weekly offers and sweepstakes to keep you quenched all year long.

Here's how it works

In case you were wondering...


Download the 7-Eleven® app to join 7Rewards.


Scan your app barcode with every checkout.


No matter which drink, any 7TH cup is FREE!


Frequently Asked Questions

I updated my app and lost my punches. What do I do?

We can help you find those punches. Just submit a mobile feedback form which you can find inside the Feedback section of the app. One of our customer relations representatives will contact you soon.

Each customer now has an individual MemberID barcode – scan once and receive all discounts applicable to your purchases.

Individual coupons will not show a barcode or countdown clock.

What is the date information needed on the sign up screen on my app?

This date is set up for your birthdate which occurred in the past and not a future date.

Make sure you enter your correct date so you can be eligible for exclusive in-app promotions!

Can I update my email address?

Sorry. You will need to continue to use the email address you registered with so you don’t lose your punches or earned scans from promotions.

How do I log in?

Just enter the email and password you registered with. Lost your login info? Follow instructions.

Is there a limit to how many punches I can earn per day or transaction?

Punch away! There’s no limit to the number of punches you can earn per day or transaction.

My punches started over, but I never received a free cup. What should I do?

No cup. No good. Let’s get to the bottom of this. Please fill out a mobile feedback form found inside the Feedback section of the app, and one of our customer relations representatives will contact you ASAP.

I didn’t receive a punch for a qualifying refill cup. What do I do?

Let’s get you that punch back. Just fill out a mobile feedback form found inside the Feedback section of the app, and one of our customer relations representatives will contact you soon.

Is the app accepted at all 7-Eleven® Canada locations?

Yes. All 7-Eleven participating will appear in the in the store locator of the app.

The store associate scanned my barcode, but the punch didn’t register. How do I fix this?

Not good. Please submit your issue via the feedback section of the mobile app and one of our helpful customer relations representatives will contact you soon.

The store associate didn’t scan or refused to scan my barcode. How do I get my punch?

Remain calm. First, we need you to fill out a mobile feedback form found inside the Feedback section of the app. Then, one of our helpful customer relations representatives will contact you to get to resolve your matter.

How do I download the app?

Find your Android app in the GOOGLE PLAY store here:

Find your iPhone app in the APPLE STORE here:

How does the search function on the map work?

You search for a 7-Eleven location by entering a street name, cross streets, you can also enter products like Gas and other amenities into the search bar.

Why should I link my 7-Eleven account to my social networks?

Linking to your social networks makes it super easy to register and log in on return visits.

How do I unlink my 7-Eleven account from a social network?

This can be done under the “Settings” you can select to unlink your social network.

If I don’t remember my email address or password, how do I retrieve it?

Click “Log In,” on your APP home screen, then select “Email” or “Password” and follow the prompts.

Can I use these coupons at any 7-Eleven?

Yes, you can use your coupons at all stores in Canada. Please be aware that not all stores serve pizza, wings, and other hot grill products. Check the 7-Eleven store locator found inside the app when looking for our hot-food stores.

What devices is the 7-Eleven APP available on?

Currently, the 7-Eleven APP is available on iPhone and Android smart phones only.

Why do I have to be 13 to join?

Our registration process is designed to restrict children under the age of 13 from becoming members of the site and providing us with personal information. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

How will you use my personal information?

Your personal information is never sold to third parties or mass marketers.  Visit our Privacy Policy page for more information.

How do I create a 7-Eleven account?

Click “Create an Account” and fill out the simple form for your app profile.


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Solomon C. of Scarborough, ON
Allan M. of Oakville, ON
Neil M. of Pinawa, MB
Alex B. of Winnipeg, MB
Joe F. of Toronto, ON
Aaron B. of St. Catharines, ON
Joy M. of Oro-Medonte, ON
Sara S. of Oakville, ON
Tyrell D. of Kleinburg, ON

Shantal M. from Winnipeg, MB

Layla Rindero from Edmonton, AB

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Leslie Barton from Prince Rupert, BC

Cathy Whitehead from Armstrong, BC

Katherine Luxton from Port Colborne, ON

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Amanda P. from Port Alberni, BC

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Cindy A. from Surrey, BC

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Erica M. from Yellowhead County, AB

Fernando M. from Saskatoon, SK

Kevin G. from Zehner, SK

Matthew D. from Brooks, AB

Michael O. from Nanaimo, BC


Melissa P from Winnipeg, MB

Brent B. from Winnipeg, MB

Ashley D. from Burnaby, BC

Ernest C. from Chilliwack, BC

Tammie G. from Spruce Grove, AB

Andy O. from North Lethbridge, AB

Chris B from Nanaimo, BC

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Cathy S. from Regina, SK

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Justin F. of Victoria, BC


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